This is a timeless and vital tool for our daily life and can vary in size as well as in the material component. It can be easily reproduced into other formats, and yet be used with the same intention (such a spork, soup ladle, shovel, among others).

The concave and round shape allows to collect any content – liquid or solid – and transfer to the mouth to be fed, or to any container, plate, glass or surface.

Regarding the handle, depending on the purpose, it can be long and/or thick. It is adaptable to the shape of the hand, allowing it to be well held. Depending on the hardness of the content we are dealing with, this same adaptation allows us to divide a more solid content into two or more halves/portions.

Regarding the spoon in the picture, the material is metal, which makes it resistant to high temperatures and washing. Therefore, it becomes a reusable and long-lasting object. At the same time, the metal allows it not to slip in your hand.

The size of the concave part of the spoon is proportional which allows the food to be inserted in the mouth in a comfortable way.

Accompanied by a simple and practical design, it is easy to use, to understand and accessible for any age. As the edges are rounded, it can also be considered a safe object.


This is another object that exists in different sizes and can be used to protect a person from rain or sunlight.

Regarding this umbrella, it has a small size which makes it easier to carry inside a bag or backpack. To help with transportation, there is also a handle with a curved shape, made of resistant plastic material, with easy ergonomics for the hand or to be hung.

It has two overlapping metal sticks, which by sliding through them with a runner, allows to increase (or decrease) the height of the umbrella and expand the size of the flap through the ribs. These are connected with a small tip, protecting the person from the rain. When in use, the combination of the handle, flap and strong sticks allows the umbrella to be held vertically or against the direction in which the rain is being projected.

The flap has a concave shape and a quick drying material, which also allows the drops to drain faster. It also has a small top spring which locks the top part together and to close it, you only have to push it in and automatically the umbrella folds in and lowers the height. There is a strip attached to the flap, which when closed, surrounds it so it becomes more cohesive.

In addition to the general components of an umbrella, the added value of the design of this particular one, is the button located on the tip cup of the handle. For a more practical use, when the button is pressed, the umbrella opens within seconds.

Again, we can see an object that propels an amount on functions with a call to action, where its built goes accordingly to the intuitive thought and action of the human being.


This object can be used at home but is more dedicated to travel. Its dimensions allow an easy transport of any liquid product.

The transparent material makes it easier to distinguish what the substance is. The measuring scales being black and having a simple font helps for an easy and accessible reading of the quantity we insert.

The tough plastic material allows for long-lasting durability and easy cleaning, whether it is inside or outside of this part of the bottle. Its smooth, rounded shape at the top allows it to be placed in a wet area without risk of damage and at the same time it could be held in one hand without slipping easily. The flat base is the characteristic that makes the bottle stay up.

As an alternative to a simple cap, it has a pump that allows to remove a reasonable amount of product, preventing unnecessary waste. This is an added value to the design of this bottle. By turning the top of the pump to the right, it locks so that we can transport the bottle with no risk of spilling the product. It is also removable, where its fit is also enabled by the spiral relief at the end of the round opening of the bottle.

It is an example of a simple, effective and easy-to-read design where, for example, the change of colours and font of the measuring scale (or even the absence of it) could make all the difference. At the same time, it follows the modern time we live in, since when we travel by plane with hand luggage, we can only have a certain amount of liquid products and it should be in transparent containers. The designer realized this gap and needs of the consumer, adding elements to the object that gave it more value and a more accessible use (instead of complicating it).

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