Three Design Objects

Travel Bottle With a Pump

Travel Bottle

This object can be used at home but is more dedicated to travel. Its dimensions allow an easy transport of any liquid product. The transparent material makes it easier to distinguish what the substance is. The measuring scales being black and having a simple font helps for an easy and accessible reading of the quantity we insert.

The tough plastic material allows for long-lasting durability and easy cleaning, whether it is inside or outside of this part of the bottle. Its smooth, rounded shape at the top allows it to be placed in a wet area without risk of damage and at the same time it could be held in one hand without slipping easily. The flat base is the characteristic that makes the bottle stay up.

As an alternative to a simple cap, it has a pump that allows to remove a reasonable amount of product, preventing unnecessary waste. This is an added value to the design of this bottle. By turning the top of the pump to the right, it locks so that we can transport the bottle with no risk of spilling the product. It is also removable, where its fit is also enabled by the spiral relief at the end of the round opening of the bottle.

It is an example of a simple, effective and easy-to-read design where, for example, the change of colours and font of the measuring scale (or even the absence of it) could make all the difference. At the same time, it follows the modern time we live in, since when we travel by plane with hand luggage, we can only have a certain amount of liquid products and it should be in transparent containers. The designer realized this gap and needs of the consumer, adding elements to the object that gave it more value and a more accessible use (instead of complicating it).