Michelle Obama

The Guardian

“Becoming serenely balances gravity and grace, uplift and anecdote, though its high-mindedness does permit a few low blows at Barack Obama’s villainous successor... simultaneously admirable and adorable (...)”

Peter Conrad

New York Time Book Review

[Becoming] is really two books in one, the first half detail-oriented and warm, the second starched and broad-brushed ... But [Obama's] candor dissipates once we get past the reeling first year in the White House, where she knew that her 'grace would have to be earned.'

Isabel Wilkerson

The New Yorker

“Becoming is refined and forthright, gracefully written and at times laugh-out-loud funny, with a humbler tone and less name-dropping than might be expected of one who is on chatting terms with the queen of England. ”

Dóreen St. Felix

Reference: Book Marks - "Becoming", Michelle Obama