hi, I'm Sara!

"You are the artist of your own life"


about me

Born and raised in Portugal, I always had a great interest in arts and technology and I find Web Design the best combination of both worlds. I am currently studying a master's degree in Web Design and Content Planning in the University of Greenwich and this webpage is one of the projects. Hope you enjoy! ­čśŐ


Explore new and different types of music is also one of my passions. A couple of years ago I bought a small controller and discovered the art of DJing. In my spare time I love to remix different songs, dedicated either for a relaxed morning/afternoon or for a boogie through the night!


Streetstyle Ever since I was young, I love fashion and I feel that streetstyle is the true trendsetter and the biggest runway in the world. For this reason I started to photograph different people and their styles. I also feel that this is a nice way to give a complement to someone!